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Jiao Gu Lan



This is used in similar ways as Ginseng and is for the person looking for a strong bittersweet aftertaste.

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This is technically not tea, it comes from a plant that grows wild in South Central China. It is more of a medicinal tea and may not be suitable for pregnant women. A bittersweet sensation lingers in your mouth long after you have finished drinking. Each pack consists of 5g x 16 sachets.

Health Benefits You Love

  • Good for lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improves heart function
  • Prevents hair loss

Useful Tips You Need

In a small teapot, steep for 30 seconds if you like your tea quite light and up to 1 minute if you prefer something stronger. The bigger your teapot, the longer the steeping time.

In a normal sized mug (approximately 250ml), steeping time should be between 2 to 3 minutes.

If you brew your tea in a convenience cup, do not throw the leaves away after 1 round. Good tea leaves are good for 3 rounds. You may want to steep the leaves slightly longer with each subsequent round.

Brewing Temperature: 90⁰C