Virtual Tea Workshop

Our Virtual YX Tea Workshops allow you to learn all about the art and beauty of Chinese tea appreciation from the comfort and safety of your own home. We are available for Corporate and larger group bookings. During these sessions, what you will get is an interactive 45 minutes session and afterward, a question and answer session will follow. All items will be mailed to the address you provide us with.

Currently, we are offering 2 packages:

Package 1: $42.00

  • 1-hr Virtual Tea Workshop
  • 4 Types of Premium Tea

Package 2: $80.00

  • 1-hr Virtual Tea Workshop
  • 4 Types of Premium Tea
  • 1 Convenience Cup

At our Tea Workshops, you will learn about:

  • Introduction to the different categories of tea leaves
  • Chinese tea history & culture
  • Brewing & enjoying a cup of tea the traditional way
  • Tea & your health

We will provide 4 types of premium tea:

  • Yinzhen Baihao (White Tea)
  • Lung Ching (Green Tea)
  • Jasmine Pearls (Flower Tea)
  • Beauty of the East (Oolong Tea)

(Please note that not having the teas beforehand will not really affect the workshop, but if you prefer to have the teas on hand during the workshop, then please book 5-7 days in advance for Singapore customers.)


Free local shipping with spend over $100

Free local shipping with spend over $100

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